We love old hardwood floors…

Understated, yet elegant and ruggedly beautiful. We love to bring them back to life, to see a decades old floor regain it’s former glory.

There is some amazing material out there – old growth wide plank Chestnut, quarter sawn Oak, Cherry and Maple. These unique floors are found in old homes, industrial spaces and even old barns, often lurking under layers of flooring added over the years, just waiting to be discovered.

The key factors to a successful restoration are the species and age of the material along with the future use of the floor. Different species of wood call for specific approaches as does choosing the optimum finish to insure maximum durability.

We use a variety of non-destructive techniques and processes to repair, resurface and refinish, while carefully preserving the unique character and patina of the wood. The final result is a beautiful floor at a fraction of the price of another flooring solution.



Do your hardwood floors need some TLC?

From a simple refinish to damage remediation and restoration services.

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