When we started Absolute Interiors we had a simple goal.

We wanted to provide our customers with “Big Company” resources and services while keeping the responsiveness of a family run business.

  • Hard Wood Installation 60%
  • Carpeting Installations 35%
  • Hardwood Floor Restoraton 10%
  • Customer Happiness (based on post installation polling) 97%

We have worked hard to stay true to our original vision while growing in services offered, staff and service geography.

The past five years have brought a lot of changes. We are now working in the consumer, commercial and restoration markets and have expanded our service area from local to interstate.

We owe our good fortune and thanks to the support of great clients, vendors and staff. We look forward to seeing what we can accomplish with you all in the next five years.

Absolute Interiors Founders

Renee Farrell

Renee Farrell

Managing Partner, Operations

Renee has extensive management experience in the real estate support, construction and remodeling industries. Renee is responsible for all the day to day operational aspects of the company, including finance, vendor relations and logistics.

Larry Farrell

Larry Farrell

Director of Sales

Larry has over 20 years of management experience working with national flooring and home improvement organizations. Larry personally supervises all commercial projects as well as overseeing all consumer project managers and installation teams.