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Fluid time lines, mercurial clients, change orders and materials logistics are just a few factors that can effect a project (and the Project manager’s hairline).

We have the staff, systems and expertise to make sure that our part of the project comes in on time and on budget.


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State of Connecticut MBE certified. 


Every project we undertake is assigned a dedicated Project Manager who is responsible for every aspect of your project from inception to final walk through.


Project estimating and materials sourcing. We understand tight budgets and our cutting plans minimizes waste.


Logistical support and reporting. We manage and keep you informed of all aspects of the timeline, from materials acquisition through installation scheduling.


Our installation teams and management participate in ongoing technical training in flooring installation and best practices for commercial applications.

Commercial Flooring Products and Services

Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank

The use of these products in commercial applications continues to grow due to their high resilience, low maintenance and ease of installation.

LVT products work well in a variety of applications from retail to hospitality and into the corporate space, thanks to their visual appeal.

Styles range from wood plank to natural stone, ceramic tile and stained concrete, yet offer a tremendous savings in both material and installation costs. 

Carpet Tile and Broadloom

Broadloom carpeting is unparalleled when it  when it comes to delivering a clean and tailored look and  it’s ability to provide seamless, large scale patterns. Broadloom is frequently initially less expensive on initial buy in.

Carpet Tile is rapidly the go to flooring of choice for high traffic areas and and retrofits with existing buildouts. The modular design installs more quickly, creates less space disruption and generates less long term waste over it’s life cycle when compared to broadloom (up to 50% less in many cases).    

Our staff will work with you to select the right product(s) for your application.

Hardwood Flooring

Though becoming quite rare in commercial applications (due largely to the advances in LV plank products) it is nevertheless quite stunning in luxury retail and hospitality environments.

Advancements in coating and sealing materials continue to make hardwood a viable and long lasting flooring option.

We have an extensive selection of strip, plank and parquet flooring in a wide variety of species both domestic and exotic.

Reliable, durable, beautiful and sustainable.

Hardwood Flooring Restoration:

We love old hardwood floors. We love to bring them back to life, to see a decades (or hundreds of years) old floor regain it’s former glory.

We use a variety of techniques and processes to repair, resurface and refinish, while carefully preserving the unique character and patina of the wood. The final result is a beautiful floor at a fraction of the price of another solution.


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